Birthdays – time for a celebration

Today is the 2nd Birthday we celebrate in 2012 in our family – this includes my side of the family – mom, dad, my three siblings (simply because they’re the nearest to where we are). Birthdays are a huge part of our lives.

It’s Hubby’s Birthday Today

Come to think of it, we have never celebrated hubby’s birthday by throwing a party. I guess because the grand milestones were beyond reach thus far. The golden years are not in sight yet, at least from my perspective, (though the facts may beg to differ).

We, nevertheless, always make it a point to honor the celebrant, usually, to a dinner treat. A blowing candles ceremony back at our house (or my mom’s house) is a family tradition. All in the name of celebrating another year the Lord has blessed us with.

This year, we celebrated hubby’s birthday one night early, i.e. last night. We treated the man of the house to seafood at a stall called  “ABC Seafood (a.k.a. Ah Seng)”, at a hawkers’ place where seafood abounds, located on top of a multi-storey carpark, aptly named “Top Spot”.

We had fried crabs with eggs, two medium-sized crispy oyster pancakes (drool!), clams in soy sauce, fried prawns with coarse salt, steamed fish and mixed vegetables with tofu. Did I mention I’m a lover of food, and this explains my ever-expanding waistline?

Some of us later topped it with the mandatory scoop of home-made Italian ice-cream – tonight, it’s durian fruit* and oreo flavor.

* native to South East Asia, revered as the King of Fruits, this fruit is soft, delicious and succulent — you either love or loathe it due to its distinctive odor 

Birthday Cake

Grated Cheese Cake

This year, I ordered the Grated Cheese Cake – layers of vanilla sponge cake, sand-wished with grated cheddar cheese and whipped cream, enveloped with whipped cream and topped again with grated cheddar. Yumms! And I’m still thinking of the leftover in the fridge.

We blew candles, gave the man his birthday gifts and watched American Idol on tv. My little girl went on to play the piano, after much coaxing from her grandpa.

Tonight, another Dinner
Alas, we had another dinner to celebrate the actual day, rather impromptu (because one dinner is just not enough!) and the lady of the house will not slave in the kitchen on a Friday night. And all for the sake of hubby’s important day. And, tonight, we decided to try Porky’s. A western- like grill, pub and restaurant featuring grilled pork ribs, pork sausages, pork burger (hence the name, Porky’s), grilled lamb chops and starters like Buffalo wings, angry wings (as in the Angry Birds franchise), mushroom soup, tomato soup. Hubby tried the 450g succulent grilled pork ribs. As for indecisive me, a mixed grilled platter of grilled pork ribs, lamb chops and chicken breast, served with chips and potato wedges. Little girl had fried Angry Birds wings. My older boy went for tuition. The second child decided to stay home and eat KFC and watch his favorite tv show. I told you, this was impromptu.

Grilled Dinner

Now, a few hours later, and a heartburn to match, the lady of the house, ponders, “What is life if you don’t celebrate the people you are surrounded with, for one day may come sooner than expected…..”

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