Fat Meltdown

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A lady I haven’t spoken to for a while in church asked me, with a rather excited tone, “Are you pregnant?”…..”I’ve been pregnant for a long time for a few years already, but till now, have not yet given birth”, I retorted. “I’m sorry!,” she said, a bit too pitifully. “A lady told me you were”. “No problem. I’m used to it”. I gave a consolation smile.

Funny how people know you’re pregnant when you yourself do not know about it. I admit I do look pregnant. At least, because the rest of my body doesn’t correspond to the size of my belly. At least, people think I’m young enough to be having a baby, still.

Okay, I had been letting go of myself. I was asking myself how long or how big I’d let myself be, before I put a stop to the eating spree. I tried to console myself by saying, “I’ve got my man already. I don’t have to look good for other people”. But the truth is, I do care. Not so much for other people’s compliments, but for my own self-esteem, and not to mention, my health. And the nice fitting clothes I like to wear.

I’ve got a sweet tooth, that’s the problem. And I munch on tit-bits, those crackers and chips. Not so much on eating a big meal, but the penchant for cakes, desserts and sweet treats is my weakness. But habits are formed by repeated actions, the good and the bad. So, no excuse here for me. I can break the chain of my sweet indulgence.

This leads me to Day 1. Yes, another Day 1 of my losing weight endeavors. This time I’m gonna make it to Day 3. After this, I’m definitely now on my way to a new me in 4 weeks’ time. And I’ll begin with a positive attitude. I’m soon going to say, “I look great in that dress, and I’m healthy and trim and I look awesome”. ” And, I’m no longer pregnant”. And a change in diet, a little at a time – no more milk tea to grace my morning, no more salty snacks in between, and more water.

My Day 1 change – I had iced lemon tea in place of iced sweet milk tea. I cooked free-range chicken for lunch and used good fats in my cooking.

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