Mommyhood / My Cherished Moments

Kids Say (or Draw!) the Cutest Thing

One of the things my 6 year old loves to do nowadays, is to draw her mommy (or, occasionally, her dad), “messages”. She drew me a “get well” message yesterday, when I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling well. Here’s what I got:


And mommy’s thinking, “She’s a girl’s girl”…I see a heart, flower, a star, a dress, a pair of shoes, a (Wait! How cute!) “Up air balloon” and a kitty cat!

My Analysis

Ah! She knows mommy’s into hearts and flowers. A star because Mommy’s one…..She knows mom’s into shopping, too? And, is the “Up air balloon” some sort of escape vehicle to bring her to some faraway holiday destination? How about the cat? Ah, yes! Her favorite pet animal (which she constantly begged mommy to get) for mommy’s reminder of her loving and gentle spirit.

Yes, mommyhood has its moment. And I’m cherishing mine now 🙂

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