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It’s My Turn – What Do Women Want?

A local daily featured a 10-page salute to women in conjunction with International Women’s Day. One of the highlights was on the daily’s interview with six women, ranging from an independent musician, a jazz singer, a future Miss Universe, an entrepreneur, and an aspiring international singer.

The standard questions were:

  1. What makes you happy?
  2. What is most important to you now?
  3. What was most important to you 10 years ago?
  4. What is on top of your bucket (wish) list?
  5. I want…..

Their answers echoed the sentiments of many, weaved with a common thread of a happy relationship.  Here are some of them:

  1. A smile, spending time with my loved ones, making others happy, simple pleasures
  2. Keep learning new ways my life to its full potential, my family and friends, passion and goals…
  3. Finishing my degree, my career, being just 8 years old – doing well in school, my pets, having lots of friends
  4. To see the world while playing music, singing with my favorite artists, get killer abs for the Miss Universe pageant, no more people dying from cancer
  5. More empathy in the world, to always be happy, no matter what life throws at me, a balanced lifestyle, to achieve all my dreams and goals in life

Now, It’s My Turn

  1. When a stranger smiles at you, when a friend smiles at you, when I find out that my bank balance is healthy enough to splurge (even when it’s not yet a pay-day!), when my kids say they love me (along with that big bear hug), when my hair looks beautiful, cooking and baking, singing, when I come out victorious from a decluttering project
  2. That my kids know they are loved unconditionally, that my other half knows that he is loved, regardless, that my closets are in order, that there’s always food at the table come meal time, that my friends and people around me know they’re appreciated, to help the poor and down-trodden, God
  3. 10 years ago —-feels like it was just yesterday — to make more friends, to realize my full potential, to travel the world, to buy our first house, to build a loving family life
  4. that the only debt that I have is, to love one another, and to be blessed and be a blessing to others
  5. to keep knowing and living the abundant life God has in store for me

But all that said, one thing is for sure, what women really want is, to be happy, no matter what the circumstances may be. Life would be so much better, if we could, like the quote on my console table read:

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