Special Moments

Our Very First Easter Eggs

This post is rather late, but better later than never!

We decided to make it a new tradition in the family simply because it is a fun thing to do. And with kids in the house, this would remind them about the true meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it.

Armed with eager faces and whatever creative streak that lies within us, Little Miss Sunshine and I, along with her equally ‘egg’cited aunties, started our first project at round 8:30pm on that pre-Easter night (her mommy was at church for singing practice for the Easter service earlier on during the day).

We started off making the dyes with food colorings, all six if them. We added vinegar to half a cup of hot water. Drop at least 20 drops of the colorings into each cup, and there you go.

The eggs were pre-decorated by cutting out stickers with craft scissors or drawing on (or writing on) the eggs with crayon. This way, you’d get fancy designs on your eggs before dipping them in the color.

Not bad for us first-timers!

The eggs we have were brown in color, so, we couldn’t get the pretty pastel colors we desired. Nevertheless, they still look pretty awesome in darker hues.

Have a Blessed Easter. Jesus Christ is risen!

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