Special Moments

Excuse me, Scooby! Would you give me some privacy?

I bet you’ve never heard or imagine your little kid would say these. They had me in stitches, and sometimes I still laugh to myself, thinking how cute or innocent their perspective of the world is. These come from my youngest kid:

Excuse me, Scooby! Would you give me some privacy?

– when our dog, Scooby blocked her way out of the front door.

When asked if she’d follow me to pick up her brothers from school, she said

“No!”..When I added, “We’re going to buy burgers!”, she quickly answered

Mmmm….I can smell them already!

At the end of our bedtime prayer

(God), can you ask daddy or mommy to marry again so that I can have a sister?

You see, she had constantly voiced her hope of having one.

And when she suddenly remembered how my friends had commented that she looked more like her daddy,

Mommy, I don’t want to look like daddy!

she said in a hushed, urgent tone. I guess she’d wondered how could she possibly look like a man?

Oh, yes. They are many more, but these are the fresh ones my “mature” mind can remember for now. How I love their spontaneity, and their innocence. And now, it dawned on me that my L’ll Miss Sunshine, who turned six in January, is fast growing up (Sigh!)…..I’ll encounter many more of these moments, I’m sure. I better write them down, so, years down the line, my kids will know how cute their growing up moments were 😀

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