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Got tea? I’ve Got Marbled Cheesecake!

Hi, there. After about  3 and a half  long months’ of absence, here I am again! This food loving, baking and cooking-nista has been trying out and polishing her skills.

I love trying out recipes, and reading a good cookbook is a passion. I’d never baked a cheesecake before, so when this recipe turned out beautifully (which got a 5-star approval rating from my eldest son), I decided this deserves a showcase. It’s called “Marbled Cheesecake”…..

This cake has been one of our family favorites, when making a trip to the café. We usually order a slice or two, and each with our own teaspoon, would dig into the rich, creamy, smooth bites of heaven. So, having a whole cake to ourselves with spare to pass around, was like being in heaven itself! This recipe was adapted from a cookbook called Y3K’s “Delicious Cakes” by Amy Heng.


For the Base

200g digestive biscuit (milled)
50g ground almond (toasted)
120g butter (melted)

For the Filling

750g cream cheese (I used Philadelphia cream cheese)
120g caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
120g white cooking chocolate (melted by double-boiling)
30g cornflour
300ml UHT whipping cream
3 eggs (beaten)

For the Topping

50g dark cooking chocolate (melted by double-boiling)


1. Base

Pre-heat oven at 140° C/ 284°F. Mix melted butter with dry ingredients until well combined. Press onto a 9″ loose-base cake tin. Refrigerate until set.

Ground Almond and Milled Digestive Biscuit

2. Filling

Beat cheese and sugar until creamy. Add in melted white chocolate. Add in cream, vanilla essence and cornflour. Lastly, add in eggs.


Pour batter onto set base, drizzle with melted dark chocolate on top. You do this by piping the melted chocolate into circles and then, dragging the chocolate circles with a metal pick to create a marble effect.

Steam bake for 1 hour 15 minutes. Leave cake in the oven with door closed for 30 minutes, in the turned-off oven.

3. Remove cake from oven and let cake cool at room temperature. Refrigerate for 6 hours before serving.

Have fun trying! Your family will love you for this! 😀

Shari M

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