About Me

Hi, Welcome to my blog. The fact that you have landed here is an amazing feat in itself. This blog was actually made with my kids in mind, a sort of diary for them to find out what mom likes or is like, in her innermost being. The kind that, as they get older, they would somehow appreciate their mom more, as they discover what mom was like in her youthful past, eager to embrace life as it comes.

Family, love, relationships, eating, cooking, eating out, travelling, and my ongoing quest to achieve that slender, fit body! That’s what I’ll be rambling about. And till I get a bucket-full of other ideas to incorporate, this is about all you get!

2 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hi, Mary! Thanks so much for dropping by…It’s a joy to know someone liking your little space in the vast blogosphere world. I’m working on making mine beautiful as time goes by.. 🙂

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